In Ethiopia

It's Not a Game Anymore

Set in the steamy jungles and woodlands of the Central African Republic, Matt Simmons, businessman/big game hunter, and his beautiful young wife go on safari for Africa’s most elusive antelope, the Bongo. When trouble erupts between Sudanese elephant poachers and the Russian mercenary the professional hunters have hired to keep the poachers at bay, Matt’s wife Bianca gets caught up in the middle of the action. Matt and his trusted African tracker have to take matters into their own hands to rescue her before she is spirited across the border, lost forever. Non-stop action and intrigue makes this book one you will not want to put down!

The Game's Not Over

Follow Matt Simmons back to the border region of Central Africa and Sudan, where he seeks out answers on the death of his young wife, only to find that she isn’t dead, but being held as a slave by the Janjaweed rebel, Rashid. Matt’s found her and now he has to use every trick he has up his sleeve to spirit them to safety hundreds of miles away over a vast battle torn wasteland, while Rashid and his Chinese partners seek revenge for the humiliation of losing their prize possession.

Revenge is the Game

Matt Simmons is back in this thrilling tale of adventure set among the luxurious estates of Europe and the Balkans. When a business holiday in the rolling countryside of Hungary turns into an attempt on the lives of Matt and the beautiful Countess Atwood, he is forced into seeking revenge, especially when the Bosnian assassins make a second attempt at killing him. Join Matt while he tries to break up their drug-smuggling and human-trafficking ring, risking the lives of those around him in an all-out effort to make the guilty pay.

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